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Get To Know Meme: Joel Heyman

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Burnie Breaks
Rooster Teeth Staff
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RT Podcast 278 (x)

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If you don’t like Burnie Burns, there is something wrong with you.

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Favorite Achievement Hunter Let’s Play moments (25/)

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The plot of Red vs Blue in less than two sentences

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Anon came to me last night saying they were sad that there wasn’t a lot of Theta art out there. That makes me sad too because I love Theta soooooo…

Drew Theta is some casual clothes because I’ve no patience with drawing their armor. I think I want to draw Delta like this too.

[Bigger @ DA]

[Texas/Beta] [Delta[Alpha & Epsilon]

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notice ryan with the classic gamer lip bite

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No, dumbass. I’m typing “fucking”. Stop ducking correcting me.

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